Trevoli, Residential and office building

Zaragoza / 1st prize in competition / 28.375 m2 / 2007 / Colaboration with Carlos Callavé  


The triangular shape of the lot focuses the tension at the vertices. The volume is generated from within; the corners of the courtyard push outwards seeking light, dividing the construction into three volumes with a desire for independence.

Three large stone bodies are penetrated by vertical cracks that afford a tenuous connection between the space inside and outside the block. From the inner courtyard, the views of the pieces that surround it and ventilate it always include a distant glimpse of the outside.

Each of these three buildings is formed by the superposition of horizontal rings that close off the projecting surfaces and are suspended over the lower floors. The alternating horizontal bands of light and shadow, with no signs of openings to the outside, emphasise the sculptural quality of the volume, in which the urban scale takes precedence over the domestic.

The ground floor, intended for commercial use and offices, is treated as a transparent base over which the three upper towers are suspended.