Lakuabizkarra civic center

Vitoria - Gasteiz / 3rd prize in competition / 14.768m2 / 2006

Colaboration with Cñd architects

The volume originated from our desire to align the programme of needs with North; at the same time, the building could not be divorced from the criteria of the construction around it.

Thus, a definition of the perimeter began to take shape based on eight alignments: the four provided by the urban setting and the four points of the compass, where the ground floor includes the exterior patios, and the first floor projects over the accesses to the building, sheltering them.

The new Civic Centre is organised on just two floors. The end result is a game between two pieces with different perimeters, one shifted over the other, using the aforementioned eight alignments in accordance with the needs of the programme in a constant play of construction and voids, projections and recesses.