Gobela sport complex

Getxo / 1st prize in competition / 31.983 m2 / 2005  


The programme of needs exhausted the developable area; therefore, we used the irregular boundary of the lot as the limits of the construction. This led us on a quest for a huge container with formal and structural harmony, whose language would adapt form to functional needs while the boundary of the construction was being developed.

Sports facilities with different geometries -swimming pools, football pitches, tennis and paddle courts, sports hall, offices, etc.- are arranged within a common skin of white concrete, achieved through curving panels that set the pace of a design that bows to the limits imposed by the perimeter of the lot. A black, evanescent panel rounds out the composition, a void that cuts off the outline of the concrete, making it appear to float.

The façade encloses areas for outdoor and indoor sports, separated by sheets of perforated steel or translucent polycarbonate, elements that describe conspiratorial transparencies between all those embraced by the outer skin that defines the sports complex.