bullring architectural renovation

Palencia / Finalist in public competition / 15.301 m2 / 2008 

The triangular shape of the plot offers us the key and we transfer this feature to the construction. A dome supported on three arches through which we can see the outside is generated this way.

The covers of these big spaces are lived and perceived from the inside and therefore we think of their definition from there. We opt for a translucent dome in which the result is an ethereal condition atmosphere, a big space bathed by a filtered and homogeneous light where the cover seems to float over the bullring.

The proposal keeps the vision of the current beams and pillars of the bullring as something that must remain and that will allow the recognition of the old building. However, in the outside we cover the stands with wood. Thus, these continuous stands, without landings, seem a big bowl, a big circular facade, continuous and tilted.