Aterpe, open house

Vitoria-Gasteiz / 1st prize in competition / 2.145m2 / 2009 


The building is located in a triangular plot with a very marked angle; a singular geometry which will determinate the nature of the building. Three are also the main parts that the programme consists of: Open House, Aterpe and DAI (winter accommodation unit).

This coincidence around three elements leads us to a simple arrangement of the building in three parts, in which each of them is located in one of the sides of the plot and corresponds with one of the main parts of the programme.

The main hall is located between these three pieces, arranging them and giving an independent service to each one –as the programme asked for-.

The complex grows around two triangular gardens that arrange the volumes. The gardens’ duality: the exterior and interior go into the triangular form in depth as the motif of the building.